Weddings on Deep Hole Creek.... (Due to Covid, we are not permitting any gatherings at Deep Hole Creek greater than the number of guests permitted overnight at each house.)
We've had several weddings at Deep Hole Creek over the years.

Brittany had a July wedding.

Danika had a midsummer wedding, and Kerri had an October wedding.  they all seemed pretty happy!  Scroll down for details:

By booking all three houses, you can have a destination wedding and provide accommodations for up to 34 people on site.  We can introduce you to local resources for catering, flowers, tents, and anything else you might need.

Our standard rental agreement specifies that the properties are not to be used for any kind of large gatherings beyond the number indicated on the agreement without specific authorization.  Additional requirements include rental of both Eureka! and Epiphany (rental of Morning Song is suggested, but not required), rental rates that reflect both the value and the increased liability of a large gathering, as well as event insurance.

For any large party that involves more people than we accommodate overnight we require event insurance.  This protects everyone in the event of an accident.  Our research suggests that Travelers has the most comprehensive coverage for the best value.

We require that:
a) we be named on the policy,
b) you have a minimum of $1 Million liability coverage with $1 Million Property damage coverage, and
c) you get the liquor liability rider. 
There are also other coverages that you can select for attire, gifts, cancellations, etc. that you will want to consider.
The costs for this insurance range upwards from ~ $400, depending on options you select.

The following activities are never permitted on our properties, during either a normal rental or a large event/wedding rental:

Rides, mechanical amusement devices, inflatable recreational devices, dunk tanks, bungee operations/equipment, petting zoos, live animals, water sports, fireworks, pyrotechnics, or flammable sky lanterns.

Danika and John got married in July on the dock at Eureka! in July.. Sandy (the bride's mother) sent us this note:

Hi Blair,


 We want to let you know how absolutely wonderful your house is for a wedding celebration.  We could not have been happier with the festivities.  On Wednesday, July 14, at 1:00 p.m. the ceremony took place on the guest suite side of the deck instead of the raised platform.  The minister said her words would likely float away on the wind if she and the wedding party were above all the guests, as we originally planned. As it turned out, the view beyond the wedding party was delightful.  The weather was very pleasant for the ceremony – very windy and not awfully hot.   We were so happy that we did not see a single mosquito until Saturday night when packing up the cars.  (We would have had a lesser opinion of proceedings if the bugs had been that bad during the ceremony and reception!) You might have noticed the centerpieces we had…they were filled with beach toys and Chincoteague-related items such as fly swatters and back scratchers.  All the guests were encouraged to take whatever they wanted, leaving us with less to clean up.  They were a big hit!


This was a dream come true for all of us, especially for the bride and groom.  Danika had a vision for this wedding and Eureka! was the perfect setting.  Thank you for all the extra help you have given us over the past months.  Eureka offers so many options for a party the size we had.


 Everyone on Chincoteague was so helpful. Here are some of the vendors used:


  • Sea Shell Café catered the wedding reception.  They also made the tables, linens, chairs and bridal arch available.
  • Capt. Zack’s and Woody’s provided food for the rehearsal dinner.
  • The (ice cream)wedding cakes were from Island Creamery and were absolutely delicious! 

  Let us know if we can answer any other questions or provide other pictures or information. 


Thanks again for everything.





Here is a note from Kerri about her October wedding:

Hi there! It was AMAZING! Sorry I haven't gotten my act together before now... but it was more perfect than we could have imagined - Kerri. 

Below are some photos from Kerri's wedding.  They are used with the permission of the photographer.  Her name is Heather Wilson.  Kerri was, and is, thrilled with her work.  Ask us for her contact info.